Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Grocery Shopping On A Low Budget

Your funds are running low this month. The bills, transportation cost, even your baby’s diaper depleted your budget. You check your Fridge only to find out that you barely have food to survive this week. What now? Relax; your low budget can get you through, at least until the next paycheck. What you need to do is create a weekly menu based on your budget, but make sure that the food you listed have all the nutrients you need.

Check the receipt from your last grocery shopping; from there you can view the prices of the goods. See what items you can do without, like that double chocolate chip cookie which just contributes to your weight gain. You have to do a major adjustment, but do not worry because this is just temporary. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you have coupons you can use. Shopping even on a low budget can be fun if you know what to do.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Issue on Same Sex Marriage

Fifty years ago, people would have never imagined living in a world wherein people are open to the idea of allowing same sex marriage. Nowadays, I am faced with the reality that challenges my view of what is black and what is white. Many people are against the idea of same sex marriage because they firmly believe that only two genders were created, male and female.

Still, others believe that the world has greatly evolved, and thus the acceptance of the fact that two same sex individuals can live together as a married couple. These are the brave individuals who have firmly set their foot to what they believe in. There are states that are now allowing this provision, while others, as well as other countries, have directly condemned this. No matter how conflicting the ideas of these two groups are, respect should be shown by people who are not directly involved in the matter.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Friend’s Dilemma

I’m sad to hear that my friend has an ovarian and breast cyst. She just recently contacted me, telling that she’s back and she will be undergoing surgery this week. She showed symptoms of ovarian cyst back when we were in college. She always complained about cramps, menstrual bleeding and irregular menses. And I had a gut feeling it’ll come down to this. She’s also a smoker which I personally think that her habits might have aggravated the condition.

I was shocked because she didn’t even told me that she’s in such physical pain and emotionally unstable because she got no friends to turn to. She’s been my friend since college; all I want is to talk to her personally, to catch up. I hope I can visit her, but she’s miles away. I can’t even be with her during her operation. All I can do is to pray for her safe operation and fast recovery.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Celebrities Who Have Aged Well

Every manufactured product devalues with use. The human person ages with time and the body functioning slows down. Great genes are a gift that parents can pass on to the offsprings. There are people who look their age, others older or younger than their birth age. Celebrities are on the lime light and any wrinkling in their faces sell a magazine. Demi Moore has aged so well that no one can tell her age. Good skin regime and exercises are necessary in her day. It takes hard work to look good.

Harry berry is another celebrity who is very attractive in her age group. You will find out that swimming is included in her daily exercises. Keeping busy also help in the youthful appearance as adrenaline gives the skin that flushed healthy look.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Jeepney Ride

Jeepney is the Philippines "national ride, where students, office workers and the common to in this country ride. Everyday street sight is jam-packed with fully packed jeepneys especially during peak hours that causes traffic jams as long as thirty minutes or even more. But why jeepneys are so popular in the Philippines masses? That’s because it has the cheapest fare rates among other public transportation in the country.